This is a complex game comprised of many systems. Expecting the player to master all of them to “win” is unfair to the player. So what we’ve done is take the learning objectives and made those variable objectives in the game.

These objectives occur naturally as the player discovers the roles and functions of the game. So as the player plays, we reward them for using the functions and completing sub objectives while playing, achieving these sub-objectives results in badges being displayed in the HUD.

Depending on how the player quits the game before completing it, we will show some kind of reward for reaching these objectives in the game.

Sub Objectives

Immune (level 1)

If 50 virus are killed in the first 3 minute of the game

Txt Msg: “Badge Earned: 50 Virus Killed before 3:00”

Immune (Level 2)

Correct Use of SIGNALING function. 3 Times

Txt Msg: “Badge Earned: SIGNAL Complete: 3x”


Immune (level 3)

Kill 3 Infected cells

Txt Msg: “Badge Earned: Infected Cells Destroyed: 3x”


Pathogen (reverse of level 3)

If 3 nodes are captured in the first 5 minutes of the game

Txt Msg: “Badge Earned: Infected Cells: 3x”


Immune (Level 4a)

PLACE antiretroviral:  3 times

Txt Msg: “Badge Earned: Antiretroviral: 3x”


Immune (level 4a1)

REVAMP antiretroviral: 2 times

Txt Msg: “Badge Earned: REVAMP Antiretroviral: 2x”


Pathogen (level 4b)

ANTIRETROVIRAL: Defeat Antiretroviral 3 times

Txt Msg: “Badge Earned: REVAMP Defeated: 3x”